Sunshine IP International was founded in 2000, and was approved as a general patent and trademark agency by the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO), its headquarter is located in Beijing, and with other branches locate in Shenzhen, Suzhou, Nanjing, Wenzhou, Qingdao, Nanchang, Wuxi, Shijiazhuang and Tokyo.

Sunshine IP International includes close to 180 patent agent and attorneys, 70% of them received a master degree. Company's management staffs have an average of more than 10 years of experience in IP practice, among them include national patent information leading talent, senior information analyst, asset assessor, IP judicial expert, as well as the member of Beijing enterprise IP expert group. Area of technical service covers mechanics, chemistry, electronics, automation, pharmaceutics, biology, computer science, and communication etc.
Our Culture
  • Our Goal

    Condense First-class Talent
    Provide Excellent Service
    Create Brilliant Achievements
  • Our Core Value

  • Our Vision

    Committed to Be One of the Most Respected Intellectual Property Agencies
Sunshine Intellectual Property (Group) Co., Ltd. is a full industry chain style IP service provider. The group includes Sunshine Intellectual Property International Co., Ltd., Lanraine Innovation Technology Co., Ltd., Houyi (Beijing) Fund Management Co., Ltd. It is a comprehensive intellectual property service company integrating intellectual property application, litigation protection, strategy formulation, consulting research and the valuation and investment on intellectual property innovation project..

Our business of service covers domestic patent application, PCT, Paris Convention, domestic trademark registration, Madrid trademark registration, copyright registration, famous mark cognizance, and layout design etc. We are honored to be one of the first group of “National IP Service Brand Cultivation Company” by SIPO, one of the first group of “IP Analysis and Evaluation Service Demonstration Establishment Organization”, “China Top Ten Patent Agencies”, “Outstanding IP Litigation Team of China”, “Outstanding patent agency of Beijing”, “Outstanding IP agency of Zhongguancun District”, “Implementing Counseling Agency for Corporation IP Code Standards Management”, and Sunshine IP had also been selected to be the “Good List of Beijing Business Service Industry”.

Our scope of business includes intellectual property analysis and evaluation, patent value assessment, technology transfer and assignment, and investment analysis and referral etc. Lanraine, is the subsidiary and wholly owned by Sunshine Intellectual Property International Co., Ltd., with registered capital of 15 million RMB, it is directed to the intellectual property mining and development of enterprise technology innovation project, to help domestic small and medium size enterprises to effectively access the core technology patents to obtain the initiative for enterprises in the future development of competitive landscape in the industry. Sunshine focuses on the incubation of high-quality intellectual property innovation technology, mainly invest in enterprises having core patent and high-value patent portfolio, good market prospects, and high growth of the start-up or enterprises who is in the growth period, and help transform their technological achievements into commercialization. The team has many years of professional experience in intellectual property services and experience in investment, the use of intellectual property mining and combing as a supporting point, from the perspective of intellectual property to determine the value of hi-tech projects, be strategic and resolute to perform a strategic investment in innovative technology, and last but not least to help enterprises better using Intellectual Property to achieve their real value.
Sunshine Milestone
  • 1

    June 29, 2000

    Sunshine Intellectual Property Law has established, registered capital 200k RMB, and Mr. Jie Zhang as the General Manager

  • 2

    November 29, 2004

    Sunshine Intellectual Property Law changed its name at industrial and commercial registration to Sunshine Intellectual Property International Co., Ltd, and the registered capital is 500k RMB. Mr. Jie Zhang titled as the chairman as well as the general manager.

  • 3


    4月   北京朗润创新科技有限龙8成立

  • 4


    SIPO official notice No.116 announced its authorization to Sunshine as a foreign agency.
    Company’s first time hosting a IP strategy analysis project (Zhongguancun State IP policy standard demonstration district patent strategy project
    Company’s first IP case filed overseas (Jinshan Science & Technology)

  • 5


    Became member of the Beijing Zhongguancun Enterprise Credit Promotion Association
    Responsible for overseas IP early warning and emergency relief special funds project (Hanvon Technology Co., Ltd. And Sanju Environmental Protection)

  • 6


    Patent infringement litigation between HANVON (China) and WACOM (Japan) reached to a settlement agreement. Sunshine received an appreciation letter from HANVON right after to show their appreciation as for our effort by the litigation team to put into this case

  • 7


    Company’s first conduct a SIPO Research Project (India IP Environment Research Project)

  • 8


    The “Overseas IP Early Warning Project of Slag Removal System in Thermal Power Plant”(Beijing Guodian Futong Science and Technology Development
    Co., Ltd.) undertaken by Sunshine in 2009 was reported on “CANKAOXIAOXI”
    Suzhou Branch is established
    People from Sunshine and SIPO Poverty Relief Office attended anti-poverty project at Shizixiang Boarding Elementary School in Hebei Province
    Sunshine became one of the first 47 firms awarded by SIPO to be “National IP Service Brand Cultivation Company”
    Sunshine became one of the first 10 firms as the “Outstanding IP agency of Zhongguancun National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone”       

  • 9


    Company’s first enterprise IP evaluation assessment project “Patent application evaluation project for a compound for the treatment of hyperplastic disorders”(Yabao Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.)
    Sunshine hosted “2013 Sunshine Global IP Forum”
    Chairman of Sunshine, Mr. Jie Zhang was honored to be the National Patent Information Leading Talent
    Commissioner Yu Zhu of IP Office of Jiangsu Province together with 70 other members and attorneys from Jiangsu IP system visited Sunshine and was welcomed by Mr. Jie Zhang an other stuffs from the firm.
    Deputy Director Mr. Yan Zhou from Beijing IP Office and Mr. Boyou Zhang, director of industrial promotion department visited Sunshine for work research
    Beijing IP Office awarded Sunshine as the “Implementing Counseling Agency for Corporation IP Code Standards Management”
    Sunshine became one of the first 26 firms awarded by SIPO to be “Demonstrated Creation Institution for IP Analysis and Comment”
    Shenzhen Branch is established
    Sunshine was awarded by Beijing Patent Agent Association as the “Outstanding Patent Agency of Beijing”
    Sunshine was awarded by China IP News as the “2013 Annual One Star IP Agency”

  • 10


    Company’s first trademark strategy project in Zhongguancun demonstration district (Increase Medicine Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Orient View Technology Co., Ltd.)
    Director General of SIPO, Mr. Changyu Shen, visited Sunshine Suzhou Branch for exploration and work research, along with chairman Jie Zhang, and Commissioner Yu Zhu of IP Office of Jiangsu Province
    Nanchang Branch is established
    November Sunshine was awarded by MYSIPO as the “China Best Ten IP Law Firm”
    China’s first exclusive IP Court began to receive lawsuit. Chief Justice, Chi Su, of Beijing IP Court, together with presiding judge Ying Jiang and Judge Jun Yi as the collegiate bench, Sunshine senior partner Tao Zhang as the legal representative for the patent owner appeared in court

  • 11


    Qingdao Branch is established
    Sunshine was awarded by China IP Magazine as the “2014 China Outstanding IP Litigation Team”
    Sunshine Intellectual Property International Co., Ltd. was established
    Nantong Branch is established
    Wuxi Branch was established
    Company chairman, Mr. Jie Zhang and General Manager, Mr. Jiangang Zhang were honored by the Haidian District Government as 2014 “Haiying talent”
    Sunshine became “Member of the National IP Analysis and Comment Alliance”
    Party Branch of Sunshine was established

  • 12


    Sunshine and Enterprise Nest Institute co-host the “IP Protection” event
    Nanjing Branch is established
    Commissioner Huaizhang Liu of IP Office of Henan Province, together with Deputy Director General Shuxian Wang visited our firm for work research
    Sunshine joined “Zhongguancun Intelligence Hardware Dream Factory” to service “Zhongguancun Intelligence Production”
    Case represented by Sunshine was reported in China Intellectual Property News (Patent Ownership was declared invalid for Wellman Antibiotics
    Sunshine traveled to Qingsanying village of Chongli county to carry out educational activities for poverty alleviation
    Shijiazhuang branch is established
    Mr. Cong Xu, the Deputy Director General of Patent Bureau of SIPO, along with Yuanyuan Xu, the Secretary General of the National Patent Agents Association visited our poverty relief aid project for support

Public Service Activities