Chairman of Sunshine IP International was Invited to Attend IP Service Agency Forum

Updated News2018-02-22

In order to have a better understanding of the development trend of the IP service industry, grasp the opinions of IP service agencies on the implementation of China's IP strategy, the Office of the Inter-ministerial Joint Meeting of the State Council on Implementing Intellectual Property Strategy held a forum on February 8 for IP service agencies. Yalin Gong, deputy director of the joint meeting office, and Jufang Liu, deputy director of the Planning and Development Division of the State Intellectual Property Office, attended the meeting along with over 30 experts and scholars in charge of intellectual property service agencies. Mr. Jacky Zhang, chairman of Sunshine IP International was invited to attend.

In his speech at the forum, Mr. Zhang said: Since the promulgation and implementation of the "Outline of National Intellectual Property Strategy," the "Outline" has played an effective and proactive role in leading and safeguarding innovation and supporting economic, cultural and social development. With the continuous improvement of national innovation capacity and the gradual deepening of industrial development, the demand for intellectual property services is on the rise. In recent years, the state has vigorously promoted the development of modern service industry. The role of intellectual property service industry in boosting the implementation of national intellectual property strategy and implementing innovation-driven development has become increasingly prominent. The development of the service industry of intellectual property in our country ushers in a good opportunity. At the same time, Mr. Zhang put forward some suggestions on the development of new formats of intellectual property services, the protection of compensation, the protection of trade secrets and the methods and standards for the evaluation of patent value. He also expressed his opinions on the changes in the situation of IPR services in China in the future.

The participating experts and heads of agencies highly commented on the implementation of the strategy in the past 10 years and conducted in-depth exchanges on their respective experiences in intellectual property work and the problems in the development of the service industry. They also discussed in depth the new round of intellectual property strategy Make positive suggestions and suggestions.